London Sufferance

Warehouse Inc.


In 1954 London Sufferance Warehouse was started to service the importing community of Southwestern Ontario. It was granted a license to operate the bonded facility by the Government of Canada, and provide offices and services for Canada Customs. The Sufferance Warehouse has been serving importers in Southwestern Ontario by providing the facilities for carriers, customs brokers and the Canadian Border Service Agency (Canada Customs) to transact the clearance process for Canada bound shipments. We are the largest fully licensed sufferance warehouse between the Detroit border and Metro Toronto. London Sufferance Warehouse also provides terminal facilities for such carriers as Ryder Transportation Services, Canada Cartage and Provincial Transport.





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Unit No. 1, 2724 Roxburgh Road             London Ontario  N6N 1K9
Telephone: 519-681-8351             Fax: 519-686-4517